Rezi: Die Blaupausen 2019
10. August 2020
DCC-Podcast: Spellburn Episode 100 erschienen
12. August 2020

Die GenCon ist vorbei und der Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2020 ist erschienen. Dieses Mal hat die DCC-Community 792 Seiten (!!!) mit Abenteuern und Spielmaterial geschrieben, illustriert und gelayoutet. Unglaublich! Unbedingt anschauen:

The Gongfarmer’s Almanac is produced by volunteers ranging from the first-time contributor to many names you’ll recognize as writers and artists from Goodman Game’s official releases. Volunteers participate in many ways, including project management, forum moderation, writing, artwork, cartography, editing, layout, proofing, and working with printers, shipping companies, and print-on-demand and PDF download distribution venues in order to make the whole project happen.

The initial publication is a series of approximately six to eight 48-56 page zines that are printed and distributed at Gen Con each year. Funding usually covers about 100 copies of each zine (so 600-800 individual copies!) and is obtained through individual donations. 100% of all donations goes towards actual printing and shipping costs.

After Gen Con, free PDF copies of each zine, along with a compiled volume of all zines, is made available for free on DriveThruRPG. Print copies of the zine are also made available at cost on Lulu.

Hier geht es zum download

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