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15. Oktober 2020
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19. Oktober 2020

Heute, am 16. Oktober startet im Internet (zu US-amerikanischer Zeit) die zweite Cyclops Con: Bride of Cyclops Con! Da wir nächste Woche die SPIEL.digital haben, habe ich leider nur wenig Zeit für die Cyclops Con, auch wenn ich gern einen Workshop angeboten hätte. Aber da es ein ausführliches Programm bei Twitch geben wird, kann man auch als europäischer Zuschauer (etwas zeitversetzt) viele gute Shows anschauen:

Friday, October 16

11:00 am EST – Bride of Cyclops Con Opening Ceremonies

Join the Goodman Gang and the Cyclops himself as we open up Bride of Cyclops Con and reveal what’s in store!

3:00 pm EST – Mikey Mason’s Critical Hits

Full-time entertainer and former full-time standup comedian Mikey Mason (She Don’t Like Firefly, Best Game Ever, Opposite of Cool) plays his RPG and fantasy-inspired songs for fellow geeks! Learn more at mikeymason.com!

5:00 pm EST – Stump the Game Lizards

Goodman Games has assembled an esteemed panel of RPG Game Experts. Do you think you know more than they do? If so, come test your rules knowledge, trivia or fun facts about your favorite RPG games and settings!

6:00 pm EST – The Best Sword & Sorcery Stories of the 20th Century

Six sword-and-sorcery fans and scholars compare notes about the important works in the genre, starting with foundational fiction and moving on to more recent times. This panel will talk details, not just an author’s name, but why a particular story or novel is worthy of note.

10:00 pm EST – Injecting Horror Into Your Adventures

In this seminar, some of your favorite writers and artists of horror-themed DCC and MCC adventures talk about injecting horror into adventures.

Saturday, October 17

10:00 am EST – In the Studio with Stefan Poag

Join artist Stefan Poag LIVE in his studio!

1:00 pm EST – Finding the New Edge for Fiction Writers

Seven modern crafters of heroic fiction and sword-and-sorcery sit down to discuss how they plot stories and create characters.

3:00 pm EST – Ask me Anything – Joseph Goodman

Now’s your chance to ask the Dark Master anything!

4:00 pm EST – Getting Sword & Sorcery Into Your Role-Playing Game

Four veteran game masters talk about tips and tricks for getting your game sessions to feel more like a rip-snorting sword-and-sorcery tale.

6:00 pm EST – Xcrawl Live

XCRAWL LIVE! Watch DJ Lich, DJ THACO, and DJ Turkie as we bring big dungeon crawl energy to the stream screen. Cheer, jeer, and grab a beer. The Big Game is on.

10:00 pm EST – DCC College

Join the gang of fantastic (and some infamous) DCC judges to hear tips and suggestions on how to be a better judge! Glowburn Audio Wizard Hector Cruz will be the MC, supported by acclaimed judges Jeff Goad, Forrest Aguirre, Joan of Arc, Marc Plourde, and Dan Steeby.

Sunday, October 18

1:00 pm EST – Behind the Scenes with Publishers of Sword & Sorcery Fiction

Where can you find heroic fiction in the modern age? Well, at least five of those places are represented by the members of this panel, who’ll be talking about trends in the industry, how to get your story ready for the editors, and related topics.

4:00 pm EST – What’s New With Goodman Games

Join Joseph Goodman and special guests to learn all about upcoming new releases. This will include a couple of new product announcements, as always!

6:00 pm EST – Ask me Anything – Harley Stroh & Brendan LaSalle

Ask the sages, Brendan LaSalle & Harley Stroh ANYTHING! ANYTHING AT ALL!

8:00 pm EST – Talking TSR

In this episode, hosts Chris and Rick discuss the playtest process! Playtesting adventures is a vital step in RPG publishing, and we discuss our process and experiences based on current and past Goodman Games’ adventure and tournament projects.

10:00 pm EST – Bride of Cyclops Con Closing Ceremonies

At the closing ceremonies, we will announce three of the most anticipated lists of the con. First, we’ll announce the winners of the tournament! Second, we’ll announce this year’s Goodie awards! And finally, we’ll raffle off autographed adventures!


Weitere Infos zur Bride of Cyclops Con findet ihr hier

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