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9. Februar 2022
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10. Februar 2022

Andreas hat mir vor einiger Zeit ein spannendes Rollenspiel gezeigt: Cursed! von Kobayashi. Ein kleines Rollenspiel, dass ziemlich gut zu uns passt, schließlich geht es um Horror und Old-School-Rollenspiel, mit cleverem Design. Wir fangen bald an mit der Arbeit und wollen natürlich ein schönes, kleines Buch daraus machen, mit scharfem Layout und fesselnden Illustrationen. Planungen laufen bereits und wir haben auch schon die ersten Autoren, die Lust haben ein Abenteuer zu schreiben.

Worum geht es bei Cursed?

Cursed! is meant to help referees run any horror adventure they find as long as the protagonists are humans facing unnatural horrors. Referees are expected to hack the following rules to fit their needs.

What kind of horror? Cosmic horror? Vampire hunting? Alien invasion? You should be able to do it all! The rules are designed for a modern setting: from late 19th century investigations to contemporary survival horror.

Horror adventures, OSR style. Horror stories and OSR adventures have a lot of things in common, notably fragile characters that rely more on smarts than violence to survive.

Horror made easy. Short and easy guidelines to help you run horror games. Fear and panic rules will make sure characters don’t survive their brush with the supernatural or the otherworldly unscathed.

No classes and no levels. Characters get better but remain vulnerable. There’s no hit point bloat here, even on the monsters’ side, keeping encounters tense (and deadly for the unwise!).

Fifty horrific spells. You’ll find no fireball or healing spells here: sorcery is sometimes dangerous, usually messy and always draining.

Monsters. Terrifying creatures and dangerous people to throw at your players and a simple method to tailor them for your specific campaign.

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