System Matters auf der NordCon 2021 (4. bis 6. Juni)
31. Mai 2021
Beyond the Wall
Blaupausen: Wahre Namen für Beyond the Wall
3. Juni 2021

Drüben, auf dem Goodman Games Kanal gibt es ein interessantes Gespräch mit Brendan LaSalle rund um Dungeon Crawl Classics:

Fantasy Grounds stalwart and DCC superfan Matt Robertson interviewed Goodman Games’ own Brendan LaSalle for a crunchy breakdown of all things DCC rules-related, and more! This was a great interview where we learned about what rolls players can apply Luck to (and when), fumbling monsters, and where the energy comes from. Even the Dark Master himself got in on the fun, sending a few choice multiple-choice questions to test Brendan’s skill at Brendan Trivia.

Hier geht es zum Video

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