Podcast: Dungeon Starter bespricht Ironsworn
6. April 2021
System Matters Show vom 1. April 2021 (2. Teil)
10. April 2021

Eine neue Episode Spellburn ist erschienen:

Hello and welcome to the exciting 110th episode of Spellburn! You’ve tuned in for a doozy of an episode! Today we are honored to be able to make an incredible announcement. You’ve asked for it. You’ve begged for it. You wouldn’t stop talking about it. When we’d ask you to stop talking about it you just kept going on and on about it anyways. Then when we finally told you to forget about it because it wasn’t going to happen, we then discovered… wait… it IS HAPPENING! That’s right… it’s… (you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out!)

Hier geht es zum Podcast

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